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    3. 多崗急招!誠邀您加入CST乘風破浪團隊

      來源: Cell Signaling Technology (CST)   2020-11-30   訪問量:362評論(0)






      Pre-sales Technical Support


      Identify business opportunities and demands to drive product segment growth.
      Provide necessary pre-sales support includes seminars, webinars, demo-lab workshop and in-depth technological conversations with customers to acquire and retain customers.
      Act as liaison on product segment information between headquarters and local market by leveraging various marketing activities.
      Other tasks.


      Required Qualifications

      Requires a PhD degree in life sciences.
      Experience with protein biology applications, including western blotting (WB), immunoprecipitation (IP), immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF), flow cytometry, and Chromatin IP (ChIP) are essential.
      Strong technical background in cell signaling research including neuroscience, epigenetics, developmental biology, immunology, virology, cancer, cell biology, metabolism, proteomics is preferred.
      Experience with technical customer service and public speaking are required.
      Good written and verbal English communication skills are essential.
      Self-motivated and ability to work independently.


      Core Competencies

      Commercial and Market oriented
      Collaborative Team Work
      Continue Learning and Knowledge sharing
      Quality and Process Excellence


      Post-sales Technical Support


      Provide professional technical suggestions to customers, distributors and internal personnel of the company, including product selection, use, troubleshooting and technical and scientific related questions, to help users better use CST products;
      Handle product complaint cases through effective communication with customers and distributor to help customers through troubleshooting; communicate with global scientists if needed.
      Through customer on-site lectures, seminars, demo or customer visits, educate customer with the key points of experiment procedures and product application;
      Other tasks.


      Required Qualifications

      • Ph.D. degree in cell biology or related field. Master degree with more than 2 years’ experience in the industry.
      • Hands-on experience in the antibody related applications and the ability to troubleshoot in flow cytometry, ChIP, IHC, western blot, IF, IP, and ELISA (at least 3 fields)
      • Ability to learn new techniques and products.
      • Communication skills to customers and colleagues.
      • Fluency in written and spoken English and Chinese.

      Preferred Qualifications
      • Hands-on experience in flow cytometry is preferred

      Core Competencies

      Continues learning and knowledge sharing

      Customer service/partnership focus

      Functional Competencies
      Technical execution
      Scientific communication
      Representing CST


      B2B Specialist



      Maintain CST presence in China marketplace including coordinating content refresh, host catalog management

      Manage customer B2B integration projects end to end including post go live maintenance

      Work with Sales team, GM to support the vision for B2B channels in market and identify potential B2B opportunities

      Identify and implement process improvements

      Collaborate with global B2B counterparts to share experience, knowledge and expertise

      Manage continuous pipeline of activities and collaborate with sales leadership to align priorities within the pipeline.

      Customer centric focus and improving the customer experience in all aspects of B2B

      Works cross functionally with consistent and frequent communication with Sales, Marketing, IT and Customer Service to ensure customer satisfaction and successful execution

      Required Qualifications

      Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Marketing or related discipline

      2+ years experience with B2B marketplace or ecommerce platforms in China

      Understanding of B2B & Distributor relationships

      Attentive to detail with a high level of accuracy

      Ability to travel (up to 10% of time)

      Scientific background a plus, but not essential

      Proficient in English











      Cell Signaling Technology (CST) 是由一批研究科學家創立的家族式私營企業,致力于提供世界上最高質量的、創新的研究和診斷產品,以加速科學家對生物學的理解,并推動個性化醫療。公司總部位于美國馬薩諸塞州,員工分布于世界各地,荷蘭、中國和日本均設有分部。
















      Cell Signaling Technology (CST)   商家主頁

      地址:上海市浦東新區盛夏路 399 號亞芯科技園 7 號樓

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